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Weld Preheating, Post Weld Heating Treatment, PWHT Machine

Weld Preheating, Post Weld Heating Treatment, PWHT Machine

    The manufacturer of PWHT equipment, post weld heat treatment machine for preheat welding, shipboard and steel structure.

    Post Weld Heat Treatment is a method of altering the physical and sometimes chemical properties of metals and essentially can be defined as a controlled heating and cooling of a metal or metal alloy, in its solid state, to produce certain changes in its properties. It is generally designed to leave the steel free from harmful, unevenly distributed internal stresses, yet leaving it hard and tough enough to be serviceable.

    The use of an appropriate post weld heat treatment method in line with the code requirements and its heating specification removes the stresses by putting the micro structures back to its original state and renders it to be stress free.


    1. All kinds of metal components, such as the large tower, pressure vessels, bridges, high pressure pipeline welding preheating, welding preheating, welding stress relief.

    2. Piping, vessels of auxiliary heating.

    3. Longitudinal-seam welded bends.

    4. Area heating.

    5. For metal heat treatment.

    6. Oil pipe welding treatment.

    7. Preweld Heat Treating, weld preheat.

    8. Industrial Heating.

    9. Heat treatment.

    10. For industrial tube heating.

    11. For Water Pipe


1. Advanced program to control the instrument.

2. With stable function and adaptive control function.

3. Automatic temperature control, ensure the quality of the products.

4. Extend heaters life.

5. The machine can be matched with all kinds of heaters, used for preheating before welding and post weld treatment.

Technical Parameter:

Common type PWHT machine- post weld heating treatment machine

Common Type Heat Treatment Machine
Number of Channels Output power Input Voltage Output Voltage
3 Channels 30kW 380V 220V/0-220V
60kW 380V 220V/0-220V
90kW 380V 220V/0-220V
6 Channels 60kW 380V 220V
120kW 380V 220V/0-220V
180kW 220V/0-220V380V 220V
12 Channels 120kW 380V 220V/0-220V
240kW 380V 220V/0-220V
360kW 380V 220V

Low Voltage PWHT Machine- post weld heating treatment machine

Transformer Type Heat Treatment Machine
Number of Channels Output power Input Voltage Output Voltage
6 Channels 50Kva 380V/415V/440V/480V 60V
65Kva 380V/415V/440V/480V 80V
12 Channels 100Kva 380V/415V/440V/480V 60V
130Kva 380V/415V/440V/480V 80V

Low Voltage CP Heater

Type Reference Width Length Voltage(V) Power(kW)
mm inch mm inch
CP3 75 3 670 26.5 60/80 2.7/3.6
CP4 100 4 500 19.5 60/80 2.7/3.6
CP6 150 6 335 13 60/80 2.7/3.6
CP8 205 8 250 9.75 60/80 2.7/3.6
CP10 255 10 205 8 60/80 2.7/3.6
CP12 305 12 165 6.5 60/80 2.7/3.6
CP15 380 15 145 5.75 60/80 2.7/3.6
CP16 410 16.25 125 5 60/80 2.7/3.6
CP21 525 20.5 105 4 60/80 2.7/3.6
CP24 600 23.5 85 3.25 60/80 2.7/3.6

Ceramic Heater mat are manufactured by weaving multi-stranded 80/20 Nichrome electric resistance heating wire through passages within interlocking ceramic beads. The beads are molded from sintered 95% Alumina ceramics, more that 3/8-inch thick. The Alumina has excellent high-temperature dielectric properties which combined with the interlocking bead design provide FCP heaters with exceptional electrical insulating qualities.

The interlocking bead design imposes rigidity along the heater length while allowing flexibility along the heater width, enabling it to conform to the curved surfaces of pipes and pressure vessels.


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