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2000kg Induction Melting Furnace

21000kg Induction Melting Furnace

    Steel Shell Hydraulic Tilting Melting Furnace

    Induction furnace is an electrical furnace in which the heat is applied by induction heating of metal. Induction furnace capacities range from less than one kilogram to one hundred tons, and are used to melt iron and steel, copper, aluminum, and precious metals.


    * Iron, Steel Melting

    * Brass Copper Melting

    * Lead Zinc Al Melting

    * Gold, Sliver Melting

    Heating Type:

    Electrical Power

    Induction heating


* Electric fuel, various capacity 0.05T-20T.

* Rapid melting speed,40-60 minutes /pot, 24 hours continuously working.

* Zero-voltage scan soft start, can start or stop anytime;

* Low energy consumption, cast iron less than 550KW.H/T.

* Less burning loss,less slag,save raw material.

* Precise temperature control to ensure the quality and capacity.

* Environmental friend l.No harmful gases and bright light.

* Easy to maintain,safe and stability, long working life.


Model (Furnace capacity) Input power 50Hz
Rated Power Rated Voltage Rated Current Transformer
GW-0.05T 50 kW 380 80A 65 KVA
GW-0.1T 100 kW 380 160A 120 KVA
GW-0.15T 100 kW 380 256A 250 KVA
GW-0.2T 150kW 380 256A 250 KVA
GW-0.25T 200kW 380 320A 250 KVA
GW-0.35T 250kW 380400A 315 KVA
GW-0.5T350kW 380 560A 400 KVA
GW-0.75T 500kW 380 800A 630 KVA
GW-1T750kW 380 1200A 800 KVA
GW-1.5T 1000kW 380 1600A 1250 KVA
GW-2T 1400kW 750 1078A 1600 KVA
GW-3T 2000kW 750 770*2 A 2500 KVA
GW-5T 3000kW 950 912*2 A 4000 KVA
GW-10T 5000kW 1000 1443*2 A 6300 KVA
GW-15T 8000kW 1000 1155*4 A 10000 KVA
GW-20T 10000kW 1000 1443*4 A 12600 KVA

The above data is about standard furnaces. Furnaces can be customized in different power and capacity according to customer's need.

Furnace capacity is designed based on the density of 7.8g/cm³

Product Advantages:

● Energy saving: The power efficiency is 20% less than ordinary equipment.

● High efficiency: No high-order harmonics, the highest power factor, the power factor can reach more than 95%, no reactive power compensation device and harmonic elimination device. One power supply is accompanied by one furnace for smelting and one furnace for heat preservation and refining. The utilization rate of the transformer is high, which can save half of the transformer capacity usage cost. One for two electric furnaces, two electric furnaces can be cast at the same time, and can also be continuously supplied with molten steel for casting.

● Low failure rate: The lower working voltage effectively guarantees the extraordinary stability of power devices such as thyristors.

● Safety: There are few harmonics and low power grid pollution, which effectively guarantees the safety of electricity use.

● Good starting performance: one for two electric furnaces, power is allocated at will, starting rate is 100%.

Water Chiller for induction furnace

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