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30kW PWHT Machine

30kW PWHT Machine

    Weld preheating, Post weld heating treatment, PWHT machine


    ● All kinds of metal components, such as the large tower, pressure vessels, bridges, high pressure pipeline welding preheating, welding preheating, stress relief.

    ● Piping, vessels of auxiliary heating

    ● Longitudinal-seam welded bends

    ● Area heating for metal heat treatment

    ● Oil pipe welding treatment

    ● Weld preheat Treating, weld preheat

    ● Industrial Heating Heat treatment

    ● Industrial tube heating and Water Pipe heating


* Advanced program to control the instrument

* With stable function and adaptive control function

* Automatic temperature control, ensure the quality of the products

* Extend heaters life

* The machine can be matched with all kinds of heaters, used for preheating before welding and post weld treatment.


Common Type Heat Treatment Machine
Number of Channels Output power Input Voltage Output Voltage
3Channels 30kW 380V 0-220V
60kW 380V 0-220V
90kW 380V 0-220V
6Channels 60kW 380V 0-220V
120kW 380V 0-220V
180kW 380V 220V
12Channels 120kW 380V 0-220V
240kW 380V 0-220V
360kW 380V 0-220V
480kW 380V 0-220V

Ceramic Pad Heater:

Model Pipe Size Pipe ModelPad HeaterPower Voltage Size
1 Φ22mm DN15LCD 1kW 22V 100×190mm
2Φ27mmDN20LCD 1kW 22V 120×150mm
3 Φ34mm DN25LCD 1.5kW 33V 140×190mm
4 Φ43mm DN32LCD 1.5kW 33V 160×170mm
5 Φ49mm DN40LCD 2.5kW 55V 180×210mm
6 Φ61mm DN50LCD 2.5kW 55V 220×210mm
7 Φ76mm DN65LCD 3kW 66V 260×210mm
8 Φ89mm DN80LCD 3kW 66V 320×230mm
9 Φ101mmDN90LCD 5kW 110V350×280mm
10Φ114mmDN100 LCD 5kW 110V400×310mm
11Φ140mmDN125 LCD 5kW 110V470×250mm
12Φ168mmDN150 LCD 5kW 110V530×230mm
13Φ219mmDN200 LCD 10kW220V680×350mm
14Φ273mmDN250 LCD 10kW220V870×270mm
15Φ325mmDN300 LCD 10kW220V1000×250mm

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