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Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace

Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace

    1. Brief introduction of induction melting furnace

    Medium frequency induction melting furnace adopts thyristor as the core inverter. Alternating current in the coils melts the metals in the crucible and then heats the hot metal to the temperature needed. It is the heat treatment prior to forging, sintering and hot rolling in casting and melting industries.

    2. Applications of KGPS series induction melting furnace

    The KGPS series induction melting furnace can melt the following material:

    (1) iron, pig iron, cast iron;

    (2) steel, stainless steel, cast steel, carbon steel and bearing steel;

    (3) copper, brass, bronze;

    (4) aluminum, aluminum alloy;

    (5) zinc, lead, tin, magnesium, nickel, titanium.


For non-ferrous metal materials such as aluminum and magnesium, frequency conversion gradient heating and induction melting are two important thermal processing methods. During the heating process, the factor that has a greater impact on the working efficiency of the entire system is that when the material temperature changes during the heating process, the electrical The influence of system impedance changes caused by performance changes on heating efficiency. In order to deal with the adverse effect of this inherent characteristic of metal materials on the efficiency of heating equipment, YANTONG technicians have designed an intelligent variable frequency power control system with automatic impedance adjustment. The chemical control system can change the impedance of the equipment system caused by the temperature change of the material during the heating process. Through the adjustment function of the intelligent control system, the output parameters of the variable frequency power supply can be adjusted in real time, so that the equipment is always in a high-efficiency working state during the entire heating or smelting process.

Model Power Melting Capacity Melting Time Transformer Capacity Voltage MF Frequency MF Voltage DC Voltage DC Current
KGPS-100 100kW 0.1T 20-40Min 150KVA 380V, 50/60HZ 2000HZ 750V Phase 500V Phase 200A
KGPS-160 160kW 0.15T 200KVA 320A
KGPS-200 200kW 0.25T 20-45Min 250KVA 400A
KGPS-250 250kW 0.35T 315KVA 500A
KGPS-400 400kW 0.5T 40-50Min 500KVA 800A
KGPS-500 500kW 0.75T 630KVA 1000HZ 1000A
KGPS-800 800kW 1T 1000KVA 800HZ 1600A
KGPS-1000 1000kW 1.5T 40-60Min 1250KVA 750V, 50HZ 1400V 990V 1000A
KGPS-1400 1400kW 2T 45-60Min 1800KVA 500HZ 1480V 1410A
KGPS-2000 2000kW 3T 50-80Min 2500KVA 6*750V, 50HZ 1010A
KGPS-3000 3000kW 5T 4000KVA 1900V 1260V 1200A

3. Melting technical parameters of KGPS series induction melting furnace

Features of KGPS induction melting furnace:

(1) High melting rate.

(2) Good-quality molten steel, high casting product yield.

(3) High power factor. During the machine’s operation, the power factor can reach over 97%.

(4) No harm to the power gird.

(5) Low power consumption, saving over 10% energy.

(6) High start-up success rate. Under any load, the start-up success rate is 100%.

(7) The main control panel adopts plug-in connector, easier maintenance.

(8) Simple to install. Installation can be done by unprofessional workers very easily.

(9) The melting furnace adopts series thyristor, making the SCR damage rate to a minimum.


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