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Yantong is one of the high quality heat treatment furnace manufacturer and supplier in China. This page presents you the Furnaces for a full range of heating treatment: from preheating before forging, to normalizing, annealing, stress relieving, tempering and hardening. Our high-temperature, heat treat furnace models are reliable and built of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. With temperatures up to 2200°F. Yantong heat treatment furnace gives you temperature homogeneity, optimum combustion control, low fuel consumption, flexibility of operation and performance reliability.

What is Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is the controlled heating and cooling of metals to alter their physical and mechanical properties without changing the product shape. Heat treatment is sometimes done inadvertently due to manufacturing processes that either heat or cool the metal such as welding or forming.

The technology is often associated with increasing the strength of material, but it can also be used to alter certain manufacturing objectives such as improve machining, improve formability, restore ductility after a cold working operation. Thus it is a very enabling manufacturing process that can not only help other manufacturing process, but can also improve product performance by increasing strength or other desirable characteristics.

Heat Treatment Furnace for Sale

As the professional heat treatment furnace manufacturer, we offer high quality heat treatment furnace of different type for sale, models and specifications are as follows:

  • Weld Preheating, Post Weld Heating Treatment, PWHT Machine

    1. All kinds of metal components, such as the large tower, pressure vessels, bridges, high pressure pipeline welding preheating, welding preheating, welding stress relief.
    2. Piping, vessels of auxiliary heating.
    3. Longitudinal-seam welded bends.
    4. Area heating.
    5. For metal heat treatment.
    6. Oil pipe welding treatment.

  • Pit Type Electrical Heat Treatment Furnace

    1) Body Shell: Made by steel plate and structural steel.
    2) Inside of furnace cover: made by stainless steel plate.
    3) Burner liner: Adopt the super light and energy conservation micropore fire-resistant heat reserving brick.
    4) Aluminum silicate fiber at between burner liner and shell, and also fill full of thermo-insulating power in gap.
    5) Resistance wire: Adopt the 0Cr25Al5 high resistor alloy wire installed upon brick.
    6) Furnace cover: Adopt the manual lever lifter or motor-driven or hydraulic.

  • All Fiber Trolley Electrical Heat Treatment Furnace

    Brief: RT series trolley furnace is the national standard energy-saving heat treatment furnace, mainly used for large and medium-sized high chrome, high manganese steel casting, gray iron castings, nodular cast iron, roller, steel ball, hammerhead of the crusher, wear-resisting liners, pressure vessel, slewing bearing, large axial, mechanical parts and mould material for annealing and other heat treatment. Electric or gas can be used as heating source.

  • Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

    Main Technical:
    1. TYPE: Horizontal single room structure vacuum sintering furnace
    2. Power: 3 x 380V, 50HZ
    3. Chamber Size: 800 x 800 x 800 mm
    4. Insulation Material: High purity alumina fiber
    5. Heating Element: high quality silicon carbide rod
    6. Working Temperature: < 1100 ℃

Varying in sizes up to thousand liters and more, we provide solutions for tempering, annealing, hardening, forging, preheating, drying, curing and ageing materials. We also offer heat treatment furnaces that are custom made for your special applications.

Please check the detailed pages of specific heat treatment furnace and contact us for further information and your inquiries, such as our heat treatment furnace price, heat treatment furnace after sale service, payment terms etc.

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