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3000kg Gas Fired Aluminum Melting Furnace

3000kg Gas Fired Aluminum Melting Furnace


    Aluminum melting

    Brass Copper melting

    Lead Zinc Melting


    Natural gas

    LPG Gas

    Oil and so on


    * Model: 3000 kg Aluminum melting furnace

    * Natural gas/oil fired type aluminum melting furnace

    * Max Heating Temperature: Aluminum 950 C; Copper 1350 C

    * 24 Hour continuous work and easy to operate and more stable

    * Design different type capacity melting furnace

    * Aluminum scrap melting for casting


Use gas (light diesel fuel) for fuel, clean and safe, clean and tidy, easy to manage.

High thermal efficiency, low operation cost and electric heating crucible furnace in melting capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, completely eliminates the replacement cost of electrothermal body.

Use imported international brands burner, so that the complete combustion of diesel, exhaust gas emissions completely without pollution, multi heat flow channel design, full use of the energy generated by the burner, greatly improve the thermal efficiency, energy-saving effect is obvious.

Gas can save 30% compare with electrical power. More energy saving.

The melting time is short, improve the working efficiency.

Using double temperature control, automatic temperature control, automatic melting, automatic heat preservation.

Furnace bottom is provided with safety door, Leaky furnace alarm.

Can improve the purity of the melting aluminum.

The lost aluminum is less than 3%. Save aluminum.

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