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Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

    Main Technical:

    1. TYPE: Horizontal single room structure vacuum sintering furnace

    2. Power: 3 x 380V, 50HZ

    3. Chamber Size: 800 x 800 x 800 mm

    4. Insulation Material: High purity alumina fiber

    5. Heating Element: high quality silicon carbide rod

    6. Working Temperature: < 1100 ℃

    7. Max. working temperature: 1200℃

    8. Temperature control system: PID type auto temperature control system. 4 temperature showing, One control, 3 shown.

    9. Power: 70KW

    10. Max. Vacuum rate: 6.7×10-4Pa

    11. Working vacuum rate:6.0*10-3Pa

    12. Vacuum system: Rotary vane pump + roots pump + diffusion pump unit

    13. Protect gas: The furnace body is reserved with air inlet, which can pass any inert gas

    14. Cooling type: Water cooling

    15. Valve control: Auto Control high vacuum valve

    16. There is window for checking inside.

    17. Capacity: Max 500 kg Per Time

    18. Protection Gas: Yes, With protection gas system

    19. Furnace size: 2 x 2 x 2.2 meter

    20. Weight: About 2500 kg


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Vacuum induction furnace technical parameters

Model Electric power Frequency Maximum working temperature Capacity Ultimate vacuum Pressure rising rate IF power supply
MYFV-3 30kW 4000hz 1850 degrees 3kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. IGBT
MYFV-10 60kW 1500hz 3000 degrees 10kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. IGBT
MYFV-25 100kW 2000hz 3000 degrees 25kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. IGBT
MYFV-50 100kW 1500hz 3000 degrees 50kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. KGPS
MYFV-150 200kW 1500hz 3000 degrees 150kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. KGPS
MYFV-200 250kW 2500hz 3000 degrees 200kgs 6.7×10-2Pa 6Pa/ hr. KGPS

The machine include:

The vacuum furnace is of horizontal and single chamber structure, with double-layer water cooling and front door structure.

It consists of furnace body, heating chamber, vacuum system, water cooling system, electric control and power supply system.

1. Furnace body: The overall structure of the furnace is composed of furnace shell, furnace door and lock mechanism. The furnace shell and furnace door are double jacket cold wall structure. The furnace body is composed of furnace barrel and furnace door, which are made of carbon steel. The furnace door is a front door structure, which is welded by double elliptical head and circular flange, and the flange is equipped with O-ring. The workpiece can be loaded and taken out by opening the front furnace door, and the main body of the heating chamber, the electrode and the air extraction port of the main vacuum pump are set in the middle.

2. Heating Chamber: The heating system adopts silicon carbide rod and high purity alumina polycrystalline fiber as insulation furnace, which can avoid short circuit to the greatest extent; The insulation between the circuit and the furnace body is good, which is convenient for disassembly, cleaning and replacement.

3. Vacuum system: Rotary vane pump + roots pump + diffusion pump unit, high vacuum pneumatic flapper valve, vacuum gauge, vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum vent valve, vacuum pipeline, etc., with air filling interface. In order to reduce the vibration of the furnace, the high vacuum corrugated pipe is used to connect the vacuum pipe with the pump, and the vacuum is measured by the digital display composite vacuum gauge. Limit vacuum: 6.7 * 10-4Pa (empty furnace, cold state)

4. Electrical Power control system

A. It is composed of programmable touch screen temperature control meter, voltmeter and ammeter, indicator light, knob, button, etc. to realize the functions of power supply, control, alarm and protection.

B. The programmable controller can control the temperature accurately. The whole process can be carried out automatically with manual operation system.

C. K type Thermocouple

D. Ruibao digital display vacuum gauge is used for vacuum measurement, which is integrated into the control panel. It has the safety protection functions of over temperature, water cut-off and power-off. The furnace body is equipped with a safety valve device.

E. The heating power supply adopts single-phase thyristor power supply with low voltage and high current

5. Water Cooling system: Cooling water is needed for vacuum furnace body, furnace door and vacuum unit. The system is distributed from the main water supply pipe to each cooling part, adopts closed water circulation system, and is equipped with automatic water chiller system. The inlet and return water pipes are all stainless pipes.

6. Safety: The safety system includes water cut-off, over temperature and heating over-current

Main Part:

Model Name Qty Brand
1 Furnace shell 1 Set Shuimu
2 Rotary vane pump 1 Set Chengdu Nanguang
3 Roots pump 1 Set Chengdu Nanguang
4 Chengdu Nanguang 1 Set SHENYANG LANLING
5 Vacuum Valve 3 Set Zhejiang
6 Bellows, pipes and others 1 Set Zhejiang
7 Heating room 1 Shuimu
8 Heating room shell 1 Shuimu
9 Heating room connection part 1 Shuimu
10 Thermocuople 3 K TYPE
11 Temperature rate 20C/M
12 Temperature ±1℃
13 Temperature unifom ±5℃
15 Temperature shown 3
16 Temperature control system 1 YUDIAN
17 Vacuum meter 1 RUIBAO
18 Control box 1 Shuimu
19 Copper belt 1 SHUIMU
20 Low voltage electrical apparatus ZHENGTAI
21 Seal ring 1
22 Waret pipe 1
23 Water chiller 1 SHENZHEN
24 Power box 1


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