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Vacuum Induction Furnace

Vacuum Induction Furnace

    Vacuum Induction Furnace is vacuum induction melting equipment which can melt metal and sinter power by using the medium frequency induction heating principle under the condition of vacuum. It is applicable in the field of metal materials, such as Ni, special steel, precision alloys, Cu alloys, Nd-Fe-B, Dysprosium metal, active metal, high-temperature alloys, special materials, magnetic materials and so on. These metal materials can be melted, cast and sintered in a vacuum or in the prot- ection of the atmosphere.

    In the process of vacuum induction melting of superalloy, the parameters of vacuum induction melting are determined through experimental research, especially the control of gas elements in vacuum degree during heat preservation and refining, refining temperature and refining time, so that the ingot has good internal quality.


Vacuum Melting Furnace is periodic operating, providing vacuum or protective atmosphere, in which the alloy steel, lanthanum and others can smelt and cast. Besides, it can be also used in metal materials' refining.

Model Electric Power Frequency Maximum Working Temperature Capacity Ultimate Vacuum Pressure Rising Rate IF power supply
MYFV-3 30kW 4000hz 1850 degrees 3kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. IGBT
MYFV-10 60kW 1500hz 3000 degrees 10kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. IGBT
MYFV-25 100kW 2000hz 3000 degrees 25kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. IGBT
MYFV-50 100kW 1500hz 3000 degrees 50kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. KGPS
MYFV-150 200kW 1500hz 3000 degrees 150kgs 6.67×10-3Pa 6Pa/ hr. KGPS
MYFV-200 250kW 2500hz 3000 degrees 200kgs 6.7×10-2Pa 6Pa/ hr. KGPS






* High temperature: up to 3000 celsius.

* Far infrared thermometer

* Water Cooling

* PID control

* Graphite crucible.

Main technical parameters:

● Maximum temperature: 3000 °C

● High-temperature zone volume: 0.01m³, 0.02m³, 0.03m³, 0.05m³, 0.1m³, 0.15m³, 0.2m³, 0.3m³

● Furnace working atmosphere: vacuum, hydrogen, nitrogen, inert gases

● Temperature uniformity: ≤ ± 10 °C

● Temperature measurement: infrared optical temperature measurement range of 800 ~ 3500 °C temperature or 0 ~ 3500 °C; Accuracy: 0.2 ~ 0.75%.

● Temperature control: process control and manual control; control accuracy: ± 1 °C

● Limit heating rate: 200 °C / min (air furnace, depending on the volume and the high temperature furnace configuration).


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