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Cupola Furnace for pig iron melting

Cupola Furnace for Pig Iron Melting


    * Pig iron melting

    * Lead zinc copper Melting

    * Battery Lead Recovery




    * Model: 1T 2T 3T 5T 7T 10T

    * Hot air cupola furnace for melting and casting

    * Max Heating Temperature: 1550 ℃

    * 8~10 Hours working per day

    * Design metal melting with good quality & heat effect

Main technical parameters:

Melt Capacity 1 T/H 2 T/H 3 T/H 5 T/H 7 T/H 10 T/H
Air Capacity20 m³/min  40 m³/min 60m³/min  80 m³/min 120 m³/min 160 m³/min
Air pressure16 Kpa17 Kpa18Kpa 35Kpa 35Kpa 35Kpa
Effect Height 4200 mm   4800 mm    5200mm  5800mm  6500mm 7200mm
Bottom coke height1300 mm 1400 mm 1400 mm 1500 mm 1600 mm 1700 mm
Hot air temperature> 350 ℃
Coke Consumption1:8 ~ 1:10 1000 kg iron need 100~ 125 kg coke
Melting Temperature 1460-1550 ℃

The System Include:

Furnace body

Feeding system

Blow Fan - Air supply system

Chosen Part:

Insulation material

Dust/Smoke Remove system

Cupola Furnace:

◆ Cupola furnace is a melting device used to melt cast iron, bronze, and other alloying elements. It is mainly used to convert iron to cast iron.

◆ Cupola furnace is cylindrical in shape, and the equipment of this furnace is fitted vertically inside this cylindrical shell with a door.

◆ Cupola furnace was used to melt iron in iron castings as it produces a better cast iron than pig iron.

◆ The cupola furnace shell is made of steel and consists of refractory brick and plastic refractory patching materials.

  • Advantage of the cupola furnace

    Simple in Construction.

    Wide range of materials can be melted.

    Less floor space is required.

    Very skilled operators are not required.

    Easily operated by low-skilled people.

    Low cost of operation.

    Low cost of maintenance.

    Low cost of construction.

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