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Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine/ Caster/ Conveyor

Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine/ Caster/ Conveyor


    The ingot casting conveyor is used for fully automatic control production of ADC series grade 5.0-10.0 kg cast aluminum alloy ingots. The casting machine can meet the requirement of continuous production 24 hours a day, and the production process requirements of casting aluminum ingots and automatic stacking.

    The ingot mould through spray type cooling make aluminum ingots through sufficient cooling and coagulation, by tapping the automatic ejection device will fall off aluminum ingots. Ingot casting machine adopts linear (for more mature) in recent years, driving part adopts the infinite speed adjustment, stable operation, reduced the equipment of dithering phenomenon, demoulding tapping, adopting automatic demoulding high sex, ingot casting production efficiency is high, the ingot billet weight evenly, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, convenient operation, simple maintenance, etc.

    Casting machine completely according to the existing national standards and standard manufacturing.

    The system safe and reliable, low operation cost; Low pollution to the environment; It is easy to operate;

Productivity 8-10T/h
Dimension 20000*1500mm
Machine running speed 0-4800 mm/min (adjustable)
Liquid distribution system automatic control
Mold size as customer's demand

Product Features

1. The casting machine adopts linear cycle mode. The power drive part adopts the cycloidal pinwheel reducer, and frequency conversion speed regulation control. The driving power only needs 4.0kW which is more energy-saving and the operation is stable. The instrument directly shows the rotational speed of the casting machine every minute. The demoulding adopts universal hoop (patented product) and pneumatic hammer, and the demoulding rate reaches more than 99%.

2. The ingot casting machine has the advantages of automatic distribution of molten aluminium, frequency conversion speed regulation, high production efficiency, uniform ingot weight, high automation, low labor intensity, easy operation and simple maintenance.

3. The ingot casting machine is manufactured in accordance with the current national standards.

4. The whole system is safe and reliable with low operation cost, does not produce a large amount of steam, and has little environmental pollution. Because of the use of bottom water cooling, the quality of the product has been greatly improved, and the operation is convenient.


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